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Explore Christian History and the faith of our founders in these historical cities. Walk the same steps as our forefathers, see the monuments, buildings, and memorials that point to our Christian foundations. Hear the authentic stories of how faith and Scripture influenced the formation of America. You will appreciate our country’s motto “In God We Trust” more than ever!

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“Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord”
Psalm 33:12

On June 28th, 1813 John Adams wrote in a letter to Thomas Jefferson:“The general principles on which the Fathers achieved independence, were the only Principles in which that beautiful Assembly of young gentlemen could unite… And what were these general principles? I answer, the general Principles of Christianity…”

Philadelphia Mission Trip w/ Christian Heritage Tour

Philadelphia Christian History Trip

The birthplace of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution! Come and see the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, Congress Hall, Carpenters Hall, National Constitution Center, The Betsy Ross House, Christ Church, 2nd Bank of the US, Franklin Square, the Graff House, and so many more historical places. See some modern sites this city has to offer too, like the Rocky statue, LOVE park, and take in Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers” at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Eat at Reading Terminal Market, operating since 1893! Stand and pray with us at City Center, for God to help our country remember and return to the biblical principles, morals, and values we were founded upon.
Some trips also include tours of Valley Forge National Historical Park, Washington Memorial Chapel, Freedoms Foundation, and more. Ask about catching a performance at the Sight and Sound Theatre. This is an amazing trip that will enhance your knowledge of American history through a biblical worldview. Great for students, church groups, and anyone who loves our country.

“Righteousness exalteth a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people”
Proverbs 13:34

John Quincy Adams after serving as President then served in  Congress. His nickname was the “Hellhound of Slavery” as he fought tirelessly opposing slavery. When asked how he never seemed discouraged in this fight, he answered, “Duty is ours, results are God’s”
America’s God and Country by William Federer

Washington DC / Philadelphia / Boston

Washington DC Christian History Trip

The Capitol of our great Nation! Explore with us the Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, The Capitol, The White House, MLK Memorial, Arlington Cemetery, Union Station, The Smithsonian Museums, Washington Monument, The Vietnam Veterans Memorial, The Korean War Veterans Memorial, The WWII Memorial, The National Cathedral, US Holocaust Memorial Museum, National Mall, National Archives and so much more! Hear the history behind these landmarks, find out the Scripture and biblical references on monuments, memorials, and how important faith was to our founding fathers and historical figures. Learn and grow your faith while visiting the Museum of the Bible. Eat at the famous “Ben’s Chilli Bowl” Some trips have the opportunity to catch a Washington Nationals baseball game.
See Ford’s Theater where Lincoln was shot, take in the masterpieces at the National Art Gallery. Put your feet in the Potomac, and experience Theodore Roosevelt Island. Grab a cup of joe at Ebenezers CoffeeHouse. Pray with us around the Washington Monument that our country will remember and return to the biblical principles we were founded upon. We visit all the major sites and some that are off the beaten path. You’ll never forget this fantastic trip to our nation’s Capital. This trip is very educational and good for students, church groups, and those who want to learn more about our American Christian heritage and history.

“For the nation and kingdom, that will not serve thee shall perish, yea those nations shall be utterly wasted”
Isaiah 60:12

“The right to freedom being a gift of the Almighty…”
Samuel Adams

Washington DC / Philadelphia / Boston

Boston/Plymouth Christian History Trip

A harbor city full of historic events, places, and people! Walk the Freedom Trail. We will visit the Boston Common Est. in 1634, State House, The Old Granary Burial Ground where Paul Revere, Samuel Adams, and John Hancock are buried. Experience the place of the Boston Massacre. On the north end, we will see Paul Revere’s House, Old North Church, and the Bunker Hill Monument. Every step and every turn tells a story of American history. See the 217 ft. steeple on Park Street Church, Faneuil Hall, the ship USS Constitution commissioned in 1797. Hear the stories of faith and how God’s hand influenced the founders. Stand where amazing things happened. See so many significant sites on this trip.
Many of our Boston trips also include visiting Plymouth. Learn about the faith of the Pilgrims and the hardships they faced. No doubt God honored their faith as His providential hand can be seen working on their behalf. We also visit The National Monument to the Forefathers. It’s an amazing tribute and full of symbolism you don't want to miss. Grab a lobster roll for lunch one day or enjoy some seafood as only Boston can prepare it! Some trips have the opportunity to catch a Red Sox game at historic Fenway Park. Even non-baseball fans enjoy this experience. Join us as we pray for this amazing city and our country at the end of our Freedom Trail Tour. This trip is perfect for church groups, school groups, and all those who appreciate the history of faith in our country.

“The Bible… is a book worth more than all the other books that were ever printed”
Patrick Henry

“In regard to this Great Book,” wrote Abraham Lincoln in a letter dated September 7, 1864. “I have but to say it is the best gift God has given to man. All the good the Savior gave to the world was communicated through this book.”

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