Sample of Trips

Sample Mission Trip Day

We will start each day with breakfast and a short devotion, then prep for a day on the worksite or outreach location. We will work/minister till lunch break, then back at it until around 3:30. From there back to basecamp for clean-up. Certain days and in certain locations we will add in local culture/discovery stops on the way back to basecamp. Once back at basecamp there will be clean up time for everyone to shower and prep for supper, and some free time to rest and unwind. Dinner is normally served between 6-7 with nightly worship service to follow soon after. Evening activities may include games/movie. Lights out at 10:30.

Things to Know
Sample Mission

Sample Mission

Most camps will have a Sunday evening check in, with work and ministry projects starting on Monday going through Thursday. Groups will be given some afternoon free time on Thurs until supper is served. Nightly worship will follow. Friday breakfast will be served and groups have an entire free day to experience local activities and culture.We can help you plan free time activities. Groups must be back for lights out at 10:30. Saturday is check-out by 9AM. We take care of all the details so youth pastors and leaders can spend quality ministry time with their groups!

Sample Christian Heritage and History Trips

These are amazing trips that look at and explore the faith of our founding fathers and the Christian principles our country was founded on. See monuments, memorials, and historic sights from a Christian perspective. We’ll explore the most popular sights and some sights that are off the beaten path. Grow your faith as we discover why our founders faith played such an important role in the decisions they made. We’ll start each day with a devotion and prayer and end each night with scripture and talk about our days experience. Learn things you can take back to help defend your faith, and gain a deeper appreciation of our country’s history and our amazing Christian Heritage.

Sample Christian Heritage & History
Sample Mission Trip Excursion

Sample Mission Trip Excursion Day

These are high energy trips combining ministry, excursions, worship, and some hands on experiences you’ll never forget. It’s hard to give a sample day because they may vary greatly from one day to the next but we can give you an idea of what a 24 hour period could hold. Morning could be serving breakfast at a local soup kitchen to those in need. The afternoon could consist of a hike to the Delicate Arch in Arches National Park. In-between we may hand out Bibles in a small town. We may have an apologetics session out under the stars in a National Park type setting. We may sleep some nights in cabins, other nights we may bed down at a local church.
These trips are geared toward high school, college age and young adults. These mission excursions offer a mission trip experience while diving deeper than just a worship service each night. These trips challenge you to grow your faith while experiencing God’s amazing creation, and sharing the love of Christ to those around us.

Sample Mission Trip with Christian Heritage & History Trip

These trips combine mission trip ministry and historical sites. In most cases we will do ministry projects/outreach till early afternoon, and then explore monuments, memorials and historical sites into the evening. Each night will include a worship service. These trips are an amazing way to serve and learn in ways you’ll never forget. Learn about our founding fathers faith, while living out your faith and shining the light of Jesus Christ. We are currently offering these hybrid trips in Philly, DC, and Boston. Our ministry projects/outreach are done in partnership with local ministries who have a presence in the communities we will serve and offer follow up ministry to help make disciples.

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