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Teamwork Missions is a non-profit ministry dedicated to shining the light of Jesus Christ.

Caleb Saunders

Teamwork missions

About Caleb

Caleb Saunders is a graduate of Welch College in Gallatin, Tn. He graduated with a double major in Theology and Christian Ministry and has a Masters degree in Christian Apologetic’s from Liberty University’s School of Divinity. He has established himself as a ministry leader in the field of missions, and engaging todays youth. His passion for missions and America’s Christian history is contagious.

Caleb is the face of Teamwork Missions. He runs the day to day operations of the ministry and is responsible for coordinating all of our mission trips and Christian History trips. He lives out the motto of Teamwork Missions –“Reaching In – Reaching Out – Reaching Up”  from Coast to Coast Caleb is available to speak/preach at churches, youth group services, Christian schools, retreats, camps, conferences and mission events. If you would like to schedule a speaking engagement please use the contact us page on the website. Please include date, location and type of event.

Johnny Saunders

About Johnny

Pastor Johnny has a long history of ministry in the Tampa Bay area involving students and missions. He has a heart for outreach and teaching young people how to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ. His desire is to fulfill the great commission and it’s evident. His passion for spreading the gospel is not just in word but in actions and is contagious! He often says “It’s easier to tell someone about the love of Christ after you’ve shown them the love of Christ”. He is a dynamic speaker and full of knowledge and experience, but his love for the Lord is what sets him apart.We are blessed to have him on staff and all that he brings to our ministry. Our ministry can look many different ways, through mission trips, Christian history trips, and our outreach events. In all of these Pastor Johnny lives out our mantra of,  “Doing Good in Jesus’ name”.

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